Stencil Street Art tagged with politics

Kapitalismus RausStop G8
Kapitalismus. Imperialismus. Krieg.
Die Beherrschung verlieren
www.antiG8.tkEurope A GogoBrunnen 183 bleibt!

Food, Not Bombs

Abschiebeflughafen Schönefeld blockieren

Gipfelstürmerabschiebeknäste abschaffen

Horst Wessel Du Nazi SchweinHeroes

Free Mumia

40 Ahr Q'OccupationDemo zum Knast Moabit

Hartz4Ali Höhlen Superstar
Give Fascism the BulletDont trust this smile!

For the rest of the world: the woman is the recently elected chancelor of Germany, member of the conservative party.

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Stencil Street Art is a project by Katrin Winkel and Andreas Gohr. It is a 23 collection of photographies depicting streetart created using the stencil technique (sometimes called pochoirs). Most of the images were taken in Berlin, Germany but the phenomen is seen and photographed around the world.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.5 License